New high-end self-service car wash equipment installed in Gaston and South Congaree

Gaston, SC - The existing self-service carwashes in Gaston and South Congaree were recently upgraded with state of the art drive-through wash systems. These carwashes are identical to the ones used at the Ferrari and Lamborghini plants in Italy. At these plants, all new cars are washed by an identical system prior to them leaving the plant.

Istobal is a Spanish company that leads in the design, manufacture, and marketing of wash solutions for the automotive sector. They export their products to more than 75 countries. They have a world-wide network of distributors; seven subsidiaries and two assembly plants in Europe and two subsidiaries and assembly plants in the US and Brazil.

The systems that were installed in South Congaree and Gaston are very similar to each other. Both are fully automatic and both wash and polish with dual spinning brushes that feature closed cell foam fingers.

These fingers will not absorb grit and dirt from your car or other vehicles that have been washed before yours. The brushes rinse constantly while the wash is functioning to remove any particles that may harm your car’s finish.

The dual spinning brushes change angle after each pass to wash the entire body of a car no matter its contour or shape. During the first pass the brushes angle out washing the top half of your car’s body.

During the second pass the brushes angle in to cover the bottom half of the vehicle.

Engineers have designed the new wash system so that your vision is never actually completely blocked by the brushes while the system is in operation. This is important to ladies who like to be able to see out of their cars at all times for safety purposes. Other older systems can sometimes block the vision of the car’s occupants during the wash cycle.

The new wash systems are completely automated and feature many safety stops. If you have some special feature on your car that might entangle the brushes of the system, special load sensors in the wash make it stop and move away from your car. This prevents damage to your car even if you forget to pull in your mirrors or have special aftermarket accessories like spoilers that may prevent the wash from working correctly.

Both of the systems are environmentally friendly. They use less water, but do a better job of cleaning cars. The one in South Congaree also has a new lava wax system and dryers that move with the wash system to more thoroughly dry your car. In many other systems the dryers blow on your car as you exit the wash, relying on your speed to determine how well your car is dried.

Because they are computer controlled, the new systems can be monitored remotely by technicians. This allows them to diagnose and reset the system from wherever they are. All components of the wash systems are modular so that if the system goes down, the bad part can be replaced quickly.

The owners of these two carwashes are local. They also act as distributors for the systems in our area. In the future you will see other area carwashes switching to these high-end systems.

Both the Gaston and South Congaree systems take debit or credit cards or cash. They are also open 24 hours a day.

You can try out the new wash for yourself in South Congaree at the intersection of Pine and Main Streets. The one in Gaston is located near the intersection of Mack Street and Highway 321 South near the BP station.

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