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Some stations shuddering their pumps as gas supplies run out

Lexington County, SC - Gas prices have been slowly going up over the weekend after a leak in the Colonial Pipeline leaked more than 330,000 gallons of gasoline September the 9th in Alabama. The leak occurred in an old coal mine and was found by a mining inspector.

Some SC gas stations are now shuddering their pumps as supplies dwindle and gasoline becomes harder for stations to get from their wholesalers. Some drivers have had to pull away from the gas pumps without getting gasoline after discovering the station was out of gasoline. Attendants at the stations that ran out of gasoline on Saturday indicated that they do not expect to receive fuel until Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Since the leak in the Colonial Pipeline was discovered, large amounts of water contaminated with gasoline have been recovered in the clean-up effort. The governors of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia have all declared states of emergency because of the spill. The pipeline that broke runs from Texas to New York through Alabama and across the length of the Southeastern United States.

Gas stations across the South have had to raise gas prices because of the increased demand for gasoline and shortages. The cause of the leak in the Colonial pipeline is still unknown but, Federal Authorities are investigating that right now.

The pipelines owners hope to have it fixed by the end of this week. They have also announced that they will build a temporary bypass line that they hope will get them back in service quickly.

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