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Going Green: Spring Hill High School senior entrepreneur turns hobby into business

CHAPIN- Saving the planet, one mile at a time. That is not only the motto Hunter Bristow lives by, it is his company’s mission. The senior at Spring Hill High School started a business called “Fast and Quiet,” which is an environmentally friendly company that converts gasoline cars into electric cars.

The idea of this clean energy concept started during his first year in high school when Hunter’s dad purchased a Nissan Leaf, the world’s all-time best selling highway-capable all-electric car. “I was very interested in the car when my dad purchased it,” Bristow said. “I am a very hands-on person and I wanted to learn more about the possibility of converting cars from gas to electric.”

From there, Bristow was enamored with the conversion process. So much in fact, he decided to turn his own GMC Sonoma into a science project. He ordered the parts to change his gas-powered, four-cylinder truck into a quiet, smooth sailing machine. After about a year, the transformation was complete and now Bristow is catching the attention of many people.

“I have attended several electric car shows and they can’t believe what is under the hood of my truck,” Bristow said. “It’s funny because when I have driven into the lot, most people think it’s just a normal gasoline truck, but then they’re amazed when I tell them it’s electric.”

Bristow has had the opportunity to hone his craft by taking automotive and clean energy courses at The Center for Advanced Technical Studies. Students at The Center are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and to help solve problems. “Hunter’s company is a great example of what happens when you unleash the creativity of our students,” said The Center’s Director, Dr. Bob Couch.

Spring Hill High School principal Dr. Michael Lofton has had the opportunity to watch Bristow grow over the years serving as his principal at Chapin Middle School before moving to SHHS and says seeing the dream of a student come to life is incredible. “It is really neat to see how Hunter has developed his company,”

Lofton said. “Just for him to get out and try running a company is really tremendous.”

In addition to growing the company, Bristow has plans to attend Appalachian State to major in their clean energy program. For more information about the company, visit

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