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Fisher receives mandate from Lexington County voters who give her a full term as Coroner of our coun

Lexington County, SC – Incumbent Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher received a mandate and a vote of confidence from county residents who returned her to office for her first four-year term on Tuesday. She faced opposition in both the Republican primary in June and the general election yesterday. This campaign was perhaps the most contentious in the county this season.

In both elections, Fisher said frequently that her opponents were slinging mud and making ridiculous accusations. Both her primary opponent Glenn Ross and her general election opponent Frank Barron said she was under qualified, was mismanaging the office, and was doing things like stripping accident victims naked on the side of county roads.

For her part, Fisher said that she inherited an office that had fallen into disarray over the years. Previous Coroner Harry Harman, who served for more than 35 years, was beloved, but had fallen ill as he aged. At the end of his career, he had turned over much of the day-to-day operations of the office to trusted deputies who had been with him for many years.

Fisher eventually found it necessary to clean house, ridding the office of those deputies who had been with Harman. That move created a great deal of animosity and some of those former employees backed the “Anyone but Fisher” ticket, an unspoken but easily identified effort to oust Fisher before she could be elected to her first full term.

In the end, Fisher received her win from the electorate who seemed to be deaf to the accusations she was not the person for the job. Lexington County seemed less concerned with any of that "unqualified" talk and much more receptive to her gentle touch and her message of compassion and caring.

Fisher is a former Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy. She is a resident of the Red Bank area who is married to the owner of a heavy construction company.

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