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Officer involved in shooting in Central Lexington County Wednesday afternoon

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) - A law enforcement officers have been involved in an exchange of gun fire Wednesday afternoon in central Lexington County according to law enforcement officials. According to that official, some of the officers involved in the shooting incident were US Marshals.

According to individuals who were on the scene when the gunfire erupted, an officer was injured, but those wounds did not appear to be life-threatening. It is believed that the injuries he sustained were in an upper extremity although law enforcement officials are in the earliest stages of their investigation and they have not confirmed or released any official information regarding this.

Later, it was revealed that the officers were trying to issue a warrant in an attempted murder that took place several weekends ago off Fish Hatchery Road on Carrie Lane near Sharpe's Hill. One woman has already been arrested in that case.

During the morning after the Carrie Lane shooting took place, several neighbors in that area told reporters that the once quiet neighborhood had deteriorated over the past few years. In the case of the house that the shooting centered around, a crowd had moved in that brought drugs and violence with them. After they moved in, the sheriff's office began to respond to reports of all types of bad behavior and were taking place at the home on a regular basis.

Apparently, during the incident today off Boiling Springs, a suspect who was being arrested attempted to flee the scene and struck a law enforcement officer pinning him in the door of a vehicle. At that point, gunshots rang out and it's believed the suspect was hit several times.

Both the officer and the suspect were transported to a local medical facility by EMS. The officer is expected to be alright. The status of the suspects injuries has not been released.

US Marshals work across the country executing high-risk warrants, tracking down wanted fugitives, protecting witnesses, and doing various other federal law enforcement duties. They often partner with other agencies in the performance of their daily task.

Multiple supervisors, investigators, and deputies from Lexington County were already on the scene of the Boiling Springs incident Wednesday afternoon. The location is just off Platt Springs Road in the Boiling Springs area of the county.

Senior commanders that were quickly on the scene included Major J.J. Jones who is a high-ranking law enforcement division supervisor with the LCSD. Sheriff Koon arrived shortly thereafter and began to follow the details of the incident firsthand.

The investigation has been turned over to SLED by the sheriff’s office which is standard procedure during an officer involved shooting. It is important to remember that this is the early stage of this investigation. It will take some time to complete. Most shootings that involve law enforcement officers take months, and sometime years for the final reports to be released.

We will continuously update this story as we receive more details.

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