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Man suspected of abuse slips dragnet, deputies on the hunt

Gaston, SC (Paul Kirby) – A Gaston man suspected of domestic abuse slipped away from a home on Manor Drive near Gaston Monday afternoon, but his escape doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. Deputies are searching for Terry Lawrence Jordan, Jr., whom they originally thought was barricaded in the mobile home just off Fish Hatchery Road.

Deputies had been called to the mobile home Monday around noon after it was reported that Jordan had gotten physical with a woman he had a relationship with. The woman fled the home uninjured and called for law enforcement.

When deputies arrived, it was thought that Jordan had barricaded himself in the home and was refusing to give himself up because he wouldn’t communicate with them. A perimeter was set around the home and Captain Kevin Howard, the area’s supervisor, responded, as did more and special trained and equipped deputies.

Manor Drive was blocked off by the deputies, and the few school busses that run in that area were rerouted to avoid the scene. Neighbors were asked to stay inside and keep well away from the area for their own safety.

Eventually, negotiators tried to reason with Jordan over a bullhorn. They asked that he give himself up so that they could talk about the charges he might face. The deputies continued to hear sounds in the home which made them believe that the man was simply refusing to give himself up.

Eventually, the SWAT deputies deployed flash bang grenades, explosive devices that make very loud noises accompanied by bright flashes of light, before they stormed the home. The noise and flash of the stun grenades caused a dog that had been inside the home to flee uninjured, but very scared. He was intercepted by some officers on the scene and turned over to animal control to be cared for.

Immediately after the flash bangs were deployed, deputies stormed the home and discovered that it was empty. Apparently, Jordan had fled before the sheriff’s department had enough deputies arrive on the scene to completely surround the house.

According to Captain Adam Myrick, spokesman for the sheriff’s office, the deputies acted just as they should have. They followed their training and took every precaution to ensure the safety of the neighbors, the deputies who had responded, and Jordan’s own well- being too.

Myrick said that they believe Jordan fled immediately after the woman escaped the home. They believe that the deputies were hearing the dog move around inside the home and were unable to distinguish between the sounds of the dog’s movements, and that of a man. He pointed out that all of their tactical training was utilized and they followed procedures developed with everyone’s safety in mind. No one was injured during the operation that lasted most of the afternoon.

Deputies are still searching for Jordan and would like to question him about what led up to the incident Monday. Anyone who may have information on where he is, is asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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