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Sheriff’s investigators say two more Red Bank brush fires are suspicious in nature

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – Lexington County Sheriff’s Department investigators are now saying that two more fires in and around Red Bank are being considered suspicious in nature. The fire service has responded to almost 10 in the past few weeks that are being investigated further by deputies.

According to the sheriff department’s social media sites, these were also brush fires that burned on Squirrel Hollow Drive and Cross Roads just this week.Others in the area over the last few weeks were in the same vicinity.

Sheriff Jay Koon has said that these have been small woods or brush fires so far that have done relatively little damage. His fears are that if the fire starter continues to do this undetected, the size of the fires or what is being burned might eventually escalate.

In similar situations across the country in the past, fire starters have begun with small brush fires, but eventually ended up burning structures, and sometimes even causing injuries or death before they were caught. That is why the department is working so hard to apprehend a suspect quickly before he or she becomes bolder.

Investigators believe that someone in the area may have seen someone or something that was suspicious or looked out of place. It might have been a person who was acting strange, a car that wasn't familiar to the people who live in the area, or children or teens who seem to be acting as if they have been up to no good.

People who live in the areas near where the fires have burned are also being asked to check the footage of any outdoor surveillance equipment they might have. Cameras might have inadvertently captured footage that could help. No lead is insignificant, and any tip might lead to an arrest of the fire starter.

If you think you have information that could be used to solve this case, please notify Crime Stoppers at 1 888-CrimeSC. You do not have to reveal your identity and you may be eligible for a sizable reward if your tips lead to an arrest or conviction.

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