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Pelion parents sentenced to 20 years for the death of their infant daughter

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) Jordan Hodson, 36, and his wife Sara Elizabeth Hodson, 35, formerly of Pelion, were sentenced recently to 20 years in prison for neglecting a child that led to her death. Their infant daughter, Makenna Hodson, died in 2012 of septic shock, a condition often caused as a person’s body poisons itself by infection that has gone untreated. In December of that year, Makenna’s seemingly frantic parents rushed the baby into Pelion Family Practice on Pine Street. As they burst through the waiting room full of patients, they held the small child’s limp body in their arms. The doctors at the clinic worked frantically on the baby while an ambulance from Lexington County responded. Firefighters were the first to arrive on the scene and they assisted as well. The baby was transported to Palmetto Richland’s Children’s Hospital where she was treated by the expert staff there. She eventually passed away later that same day. During an autopsy performed on her body, the pathologist found an untreated hole in her stomach that had become so infected that it poisoned her blood and ravaged her small body. The autopsy also revealed evidence of previous bone fractures and methamphetamine, an illegal, cheap, and often homemade, street drug in her system. Deputies searched the Hodson’s home on Bushberry Road as a part of their investigation. There they found evidence of an active methamphetamine cooking operation in a bedroom where the baby’s crib was located. They also found devices used to smoke meth, according to the solicitor’s office. Despite evidence of injuries the baby had received in the past, she had never seen a doctor after her birth, until the day that her parents burst into the doctor’s office in Pelion. All of this played a part in the jury’s decision to convict the couple.

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