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City of Cayce Begins Largest Waterline Project in History

CAYCE, SC - The City of Cayce wants to make citizens aware that the waterline replacement project will begin on April 1. The project will consist of replacing much of the water distribution infrastructure in over 75% of the city’s water system. The areas that will be affected are the Avenues, Broadacres, North Frink Street, Julius Felder and Edenwood. An existing 10-inch line along Charleston Highway will also be replaced.

The project will be divided up into divisions and each division will have a separate contractor. Each contractor will begin by working on the largest waterlines. Most of the these neighborhoods have not had new waterlines since the 1940’s.

The City will be replacing approximately 250,000 linear feet of existing water distribution lines, water meters, fire hydrants and one elevated storage tank. The lines being replaced consist mostly of galvanized steel, cast iron and asbestos cement and will be replaced with PVC and ductile iron. A new 1 million gallon elevated storage tank will be constructed to replace the aging Glenn Street Tank, which will then be demolished and removed from service.

Cayce City Manager, Rebecca Vance, stated, “We want to thank our citizens for their patience during our waterline replacement project. We have worked and planned ahead to do our best to minimize any inconvenience to our residents. This project will ensure safe drinking water for the citizens of Cayce for generations to come.”

Who to Contact if you have Questions:


(*Maps of all of the Divisions are on the website)


Phone: (803) 939-9321

What to Expect:

· A door hanger will be placed on your door before work begins on your street.

· All areas that are disturbed will be put back in, as good as, or better condition as it was before. All contractors

are required to video their entire project area before construction begins so there will be a record of existing conditions.

· This project is scheduled to last 18-24 months but will go street by street so there should not be large parts of your area torn up for extended periods of time.

· Contractors will be responsible for clearly marking any road detours.

· There should be little disruption of water service unless an emergency occurs.

· Your water service will be switched over to the new water meter once it is in place and approved to go into service. A door hanger will be placed on your door before your meter and service is changed.

· There are different contractors for each of the seven divisions. They will all be working simultaneously and will begin on the larger, priority lines first.

· Divisions 1 through 5 will be the installation of water mains and maps can be downloaded below. Division 6 consists of the new elevated storage tank. Division 7 will be the installation of a new water meter which may be installed before or after the water main on your street.

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