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For Annette at Tandem Accounting & Tax, detail have always been in her DNA

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – When most little girls are young, they dream of being a ballerina, a cheerleader, a princess or a mommy. Growing up, Annette Palmer was very different; she always wanted to be an accountant.

Annette was raised in Sandusky, Ohio where she attended school. Even as a child, she would pay attention to even the most minute details. She enjoyed math and figures. For her, even the smallest misplaced penny, a tiny decimal in the wrong spot, or the anything else that wasn’t where it should be, set her off on a search that didn’t stop until the problem was discovered and fixed.

After she graduated, she took a slight detour. First, she became a medical assistant. For a time, she worked for Dr. Jerri Nielsen, the famous female doctor who was trapped in Antarctica by a terrible storm when she discovered she had breast cancer. As famous as Dr. Nielson was, a movie was made about her story, Annette enjoyed being in the background, just taking care of the details.

When Annette was 20-years-old, she watched along with the rest of our nation as L.A. was rocked by riots following the O.J. Simpsons trial. During that time, she heard a man give a patriotic speech about our country, and she decided she wanted to become a US Marine. After researching the Marines and finding they didn’t have the medical field of service she believed she wanted, she met with an US Army recruiter, and she was quickly was signed, and enroute to basic training. In the case of Annette, the Marine Corps loss was certainly the Army’s gain!

In the service, Annette returned to a job she knew well. She handled medical records that included several stints at a hospital in Germany. Eventually, her service to our country brought her to Columbia, SC and Moncrief Army Hospital.

After her active duty period in the Army was up, Annette went home where she enrolled in college. She went to Bowling Green State University where she eventually earned her Bachelors in business and accounting. She continued studying and gained an MBA in accounting and finance. Finally, she had come full circle to where she knew she really wanted to be all along; Annette was ready to be a full-time numbers crunching accountant.

In the midst of all of this serving and learning, Annette met and married the love of her life, Phillip Palmer. Phillip was a veteran of the Marine Corp who was then serving in the Army National Guard. He served in both operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and was no stranger himself to patriotism, service, and honor. The two were a perfect match!

Eventually, Annette realized another of her dreams, she became an agent for the IRS. There, she worked in a very prestigious position as a field auditor. That required that she go out and actually work on books that could be quite the mess. She stayed at the IRS for more than 6 years gaining valuable experience that she now uses every day.

Now, Annette is in a very happy place. She’s living here in Lexington County with Phillip, and between them they have a blended family that includes six children; there of his’, and three of hers’.

She also has a love for animals and is the founder and director of Pooch’s Partners, a dog rescue that works hand in hand with a county animal shelter in the Midlands. With the help of Phillip, her closest friend Lori Dalrymple, and some other dedicated volunteers, Pooch’s Partners helps dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages find suitable homes.

You may could find someone that would handle your business or personal accounting or tax services in another way. What you won’t find is someone who cares more, does a more complete and accurate job, or anyone else who really spends that little extra time to make sure that your businesses’ records are handled just as they would their own. That in a nutshell, describes Annette.

Tandem Accounting and Tax is located at 2040 South Lake Drive, Lexington, SC. This is just southeast of Platt Springs Road near where it intersects with New Orangeburg Road. She can be reached at (803) 520-4667.

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