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Young boy insists on buying police officer lunch

Pelion, SC (Angelica Iglesias) – During the 125th celebration of Shumpert’s IGA in Pelion on May 20, five year old Mason was shopping with his mother when he saw one of the parked Pelion police cruisers and insisted on buying the unknown man lunch. The lucky officer was Tim Wilke.

Mason’s mother, Amy, let her boy pick out Officer Wilke’s lunch which consisted of a bottle of Pepsi, a Slim Jim, a package of plain M&M’s, and a container of potato chips. This is not far off from a typical lunch in the field and was greatly appreciated by Officer Wilke.

"This is the stuff that makes being a cop worthwhile for me, and why after more than 30 years working in town, city, county, state, and federal law enforcement, I stay on point with the importance of what and why we are out there," Officer Tim Wilke said about how much the lunch meant to him. “This is why I believe in what we do, and why both my sons are police officers/deputies too."

Amy believes in supporting local law enforcement and routinely buys meals for officers and deputies when she gets the opportunity. She is a stay-at-home mother with two other children and even home schools Mason. Her husband is a Customer Service Manager for Food Lion. They have only been in Pelion for about a year but have felt welcomed and appreciate all the community does.

Mason loves police officers and wants to be one when he gets older. He is only five years old, but if he keeps up with it, he is sure to be a great service to any community.

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