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New footage shows Amtrak car broke in half during collision

Pine Ridge, SC (Paul Kirby) – New drone footage obtained by The Lexington Ledger shows one of the cars in the Amtrak train that collided with a freight train near Pine Ridge, broke almost completely in half. It was back four or five cars from the front of the train, well away from the locomotive that overturned. It was one of the few cars that completely jumped the rails.

During her press conference regarding the two men who died in the crash, Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher said we were all lucky that there weren’t more injuries. After seeing the entire scene from the air, it was very apparent that she was correct; more people could have easily died from the force of the tremendous impact.

The scene is now crawling with CSX employees and investigators from the NTSB, the government agency that looks into the cause of these types of incidents. There are also crews still on the scene working with heavy equipment near were the locomotive overturned and spilled diesel fuel. A command post has been established on Dixiana Road just off Charleston Highway.

Further up the tracks, there are CSX and NTSB employees working at Glenn Road where the tracks cross. They have set up a trailer and are closely working with a large box believed to contain and protect the electronics used for signals and other monitoring. They are also doing some type of work on Dixiana Drive past Grace Chapel where the tracks cross that road.

The NTSB may be on the scene for some time before they reach a conclusion regarding the cause of the accident and release their report.

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