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Family of stroke victim struggling after home destroyed by fire

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) The family of a woman who was paralyzed by a stroke some years ago, is now struggling with more problems after a fire destroyed their small West Columbia home. 14 years ago, Rhonda Orr had a stroke that completely paralyzed one side of her body. Her husband Jim, a dedicated and caring husband, committed to keeping her at home and together with he and the family. Together, the pair shared a small home with their grown daughter Hope and her four-year-old daughter as well in West Columbia. Hope, a certified nursing assistant, took care of her mom while Jim worked to support their family.

Last Wednesday, The Ledger reported that a number of fire departments responded to a house fire on Boozer Street near the West Columbia Post Office. This was the Orr’s home. The fire department arrived quickly, and they put the fire out. Unfortunately, the small home was destroyed by what the Orrs think may have been an electrical short. The actual source of the fire is still being investigated.

When the fire started, Jim and Hope started a bucket line to try and fight it. Finally, Jim snatched up Rhonda from her wheelchair and carried her outside as the fire consumed their home. Everything they owned was completely ruined, including all of Rhonda’s medications, her wheelchair, hospital bed, and other specialty medical equipment like her bath chair. The Orrs do have insurance, but right now they are working through the claims process and living with Rhonda’s sister. Many of the items including their clothes are gone and they are struggling just to get by. Jim just has a pair of jeans and one shirt to wear right now.

Family friend Nolan Mcinley said recently that the Orrs are proud people but right now, they could use some help. She’s set up a crowdfunding site to try and raise some money to help the small family until they get all this sorted out. She’s asking anyone who has the means and the heart to donate to please give what you can. If you can only offer prayers, please do that as well. Click on this link, HELP THE ORRS, to make a monetary donation with a credit or debit card.

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