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Democrat Sean Carrigan has filed to run for US Congress in SC-2

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Sean Carrigan, a resident of Chapin, has filed to run for US Congress against Representative Joe Wilson who has held the seat in SC Dist. 2 for 17 years. In a recent e-mail provided by Carrigan's campaign, he explained his qualifications and when and why he has decided to run .

That release said:

Filing for the upcoming June 12 primary elections in South Carolina has been open officially now for exactly one week, and proven leader Sean Carrigan was the first – and thus far only –candidate registered with the South Carolina Election Commission for the Democratic Party primary for U.S. House of Representatives District 2.

Carrigan, a resident of Chapin who served 28 years in the U.S. Army before retiring two years ago, was joined by his wife Loren and several friends when he formally filed paperwork just after noon on Friday, March 16. According to the Election Commission, filing closes on Friday, March 30 at noon.

“Six months ago, I stood at a podium at the Aiken County Democratic Party's Fish Fry and announced my candidacy for U.S. Congress,” Carrigan said. “Thanks to my incredible family, friends, and campaign team for all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that has gone into making this day happen.”

To be eligible for the June 12 primary, Carrigan had to file a Statement of Intention of Candidacy & Party Pledge with the Election Commission. The notarized document states that any candidate who pledges to a political party primary, as Carrigan has pledged to the Democratic Party, will not offer as a petition candidate or a write-in candidate for the November general election.

Carrigan also had to submit a $3,480 filing fee as further tangible commitment to his intention to offer for the District 2 seat.

If and when he wins the June 12 primary, Carrigan will face incumbent Republican Joe Wilson in the November general election. He feels confident that voters in Aiken, Barnwell, Lexington, Orangeburg and Richland counties are ready for a change after Wilson's 17 years in Washington.

“We will flip South Carolina's 2nd District,” Carrigan said.

Carrigan has certainly has an uphill battle ahead. SC Congressional District 2 is made by large part of very conservative Republicans. Certainly, Carrigan started early and has already worked extremely hard being seen in parades and speaking and attending other events all across the district. Lexington County is a large part of the district, and in this county, there are very few elected democrats serving.

One of note is West Columbia / Cayce Senator area Nikki Setzler. Senator Setzler was first elected decades ago and is well known for his constituent services and what he describes as, "Caring conservative values." Other Democrats on the Lexington County Legislative Delegation are usually elected in large part in other counties and only a small part of their districts overlaps into Lexington County.

Some portions of Lexington County seem to be becoming a bit more of Democratic enclaves. In areas around Lake Murray, especially ones that have large populations of retirees that have moved south for warmer weather, lower taxes, and great recreational opportunities, their populations have also brought with them a more liberal view politically. They have consistently voted or pressed for more governmental oversight of properties and activities, public funding for recreation, education, and other projects and issues, even if that requires that revenues be raised through taxes and fees. Many seem to be willing to pay more for government provided services but have done so in somewhat of a frugal manner. They don't seem to mind paying more for good services provided for and overseen by the government. Carrigan seems to represent those more liberal thinkers and can strongly debate issues like limited gun control and other ideologies that are more left of many Lexington County voters with vigor. He may be a strong contender if he can energize the registered Democrats in SC 2 and pull crossover votes from any frustrated Republicans in the area.

One prominent Republican who has held office in Lexington County for years recently said, "They've moved here from the north for lower taxes and more freedom and have immediately begun soiling their own beds."

For more information on Sean Carrigan, his lifelong commitment to public service, and his positions on various issues affecting South Carolinians, visit his website at

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