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Officers and community gather in Lexington to remember the fallen during Law Enforcement Memorial se

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) Wednesday morning, a large crowd of law enforcement officers and other members of the community gathered at the memorial to fallen officers in the park next to the county courthouse at Lake and Main. They all came together to remember and honor all law enforcement officers who have given their lives to protect our county over its history.

This year, the Irmo Police Department hosted the County of Lexington's Law Enforcement Memorial Service. Although this is a time for old friends to see each other, shake hands, and get reacquainted, it’s also a time for reflection for those who did that job and gave their lives in the process. Everyone who attends seems to react in his own way. Some withdraw into themselves while others feel the need to incessantly talk to some of the many others who do the same job. Each in his own way knows that their career choice involves putting it all on the line every time they put on that uniform.

During the formal portion of the ceremony that’s always held in front of the monument etched with the names of all who have died here since the records began, Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon and Lexington Police Chief Terrance Green laid a wreath of red and white flowers. A number of officers and politicians gave short speeches and then a speaker took the podium and read each name inscribed on the wall along with their end-of-watch date, the day they died, while a child rang a bell once for each name. Several made short speeches but yesterday was more about just remembering.

After the official ceremony disbanded, many of the officers went back to work protecting the streets and citizens of Lexington County. Others were treated to meals, little treats, gifts, and cards from people who just wanted to say thank you. In some areas like the Woodcreek neighborhood, the citizens went all out with food, drinks, and lots of activities; some of it done to thank the officers, some of it to teach the children there that every minute of every day, somewhere on the streets of Lexington County there are men and women risking it all so that they can be safe in their own home, at school, or wherever they are.

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