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Lexington County Pancakes drop road contest to Macon Bacon, 6-1

Lexington County leads in top of the fourth before falling after wild pitches set up Bacon scores

Macon, GA (James Bowers) - The Lexington County Blowfish once again stepped into a telephone booth and presto-chango’d into the Lexington County “Pancakes” as they traveled to Macon to play their arch breakfast rivals the Macon Bacon. The Pancakes felt pretty good in the top of the fourth inning with nary a bite taken when an error by Macon Bacon third baseman Riley King turned what would have been a ground out by the “Pancakes” Cole Tate into a double. All it took was a Sean Parsons single to make it a 1-0 ballgame in favor of the visitors. When the Pancake defense kept the Bacon bats largely silent in the bottom of the fourth, Lexington County’s butter, sticky, breakfast best were confident that they could secure victory on the road.

Alas, the fifth inning changed the tone of the game for good and the end of a hearty meal just wouldn’t come out in favor of the boys from Lexington County against the artery clogging pork products from Macon .

The “Pancakes” mustered nothing in the topside of that frame. Then Frankie Fernandez took over for the productive Griffin Templeton atop the Lexington County pitcher’s mound.

First, Macon Riley King was hit by a Fernandez pitch, getting on base as a result of the bean. Consecutive singles by Brandon Michie and Kenton Crawford loaded the bases for the Bacon. It was the next at-bat that saw the Bacon take control, as a wild pitch allowed Riley King to score, tying the game at 1. A walk of CJ Bush loaded the bases, and a second wild pitch allowed Brandon Michie to reach home. A Tanner Wetrich single scored Kenton Crawford, and the Bacon exited the inning leading 3-1.

Pancake hitters did nothing in the sixth, and the Bacon side of the inning saw a pair of doubles put Zach Weisz, Riley King and Cal Gentry across home to give Macon a 6-1 lead. Neither team scored for the remainder of the contest. Macon’s win puts them at 21-22 on the year, one-win shy of the .500 mark. The Pancakes/Blowfish slump to 16-28 with the loss.

Griffin Templeton pitched a nearly-flawless four innings for Lexington County, allowing only three hits. Frankie Fernandez did not do so well in his inning and a half. His “buttery” arm allowed six runs and seven hits while walking one batter and beaning another. Jacob Rye and Chaney Rogers pitched the final pair of innings, with Rye allowing one hit.

Sean Parsons had two hits for the Flapjacks, joining one-hitters Trace Whetsell, Cole Tate and Channing Painton in that column.

For the Bacon, Preston Sparks pitched seven innings, allowing a run and four hits. Closer Zach Reid allowed one Lexington County run in the final two innings. Cal Gentry had three hits to lead the Macon Bacon batters, Brandon Michie, Kenton Crawford, and Tanner Wetrich each had two.

The Blowfish return home to face the Florence RedWolves at Lexington County Baseball Stadium Tuesday. Before the regularly scheduled 7:05 pm game, the Fish and Wolves will finish the seventh inning of a contest that began on July 24 in Florence when heavy fogged rolled in and rolled the boys off the field. The Blowfish had a 3-2 lead in the topside of that inning before the heavy fog set in, necessitating postponement of the game.

The Bacon head to Savannah on Tuesday, to take on the division leading Bananas

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