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Primary NOAA Weather radio channel for central Lexington County is off the air

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) – The primary NOAA Weather radio channel for central Lexington County has been off the air for some time Thursday morning. NOAA Weather radio devices are a primary form of communication for the public to receive alerts issued by the National Weather Service regarding the weather and weather conditions and dangers.

Apparently, their transmitter is working but there is something else wrong with the recorded communications system. If you try to listen to it, the recorded message says that the station is temporarily off the air and you should tune into an alternate weather broadcast or go to for the latest weather information.

NOAA has a number of frequencies dedicated to this notification system and keeping the public and even emergency personnel informed about current weather conditions. Generally, when you purchase a NOAA Weather radio, you select the channel that is closest to you and comes in the clearest. At The Lexington Ledger’s offices in South Congaree, none of the other frequencies were coming in clearly enough to be understand.

When it is working correctly, NOAA is able to send alerts out over their radio system that will cause the radios to alarm with a distinct warning. These are sent for watches and warnings of all types. They give very specific geographical locations as to where severe weather is occurring, what exactly the listener might encounter. They can also offer other instructions regarding impending bad weather.

There is no indication when this service might be repaired.

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