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Lexington School District Two voters make their voices heard at the polls on Tuesday and two new boa

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) – The people of the Cayce and West Columbia area had the opportunity to vote to fill three seats on their school district’s board of trustees Tuesday. Cay Kessler, an incumbent and retired school teacher, decided not to run for re-election. Two other incumbents, Linda Alford-Wooten and Brad Giles’ terms had expired, and they were seeking the opportunity to retain their seats for another four-years.

The incumbents faced opposition from three newcomers. When the votes were counted, the top three vote getters were newcomer Christina Fitts Rucker, incumbent Linda-Alford Wooten, and another newcomer, Bud Summers. Fitts Rucker received 7,023 of the total votes, Alford-Wooten received 6,464 votes, and Summers got 6,030 votes from the people who cast their ballots. These figures were considered the final count as of 11:59 p.m. Tuesday night.

This race was a question of whether change was necessary; questions were the key. Challenger Wayne McKim has been sued by District Two for asking too many questions about how the sports programs were run at one of the district’s high schools. Now, rumors abound that the new gymnasium at that same school is millions of dollars over budget with no end of the spending in sight. Other questions with the district’s building program include the district’s logo being installed in the floor of one building against district policy. In yet another case, floor to ceiling windows are said to be in the process of being covered with expensive blinds to keep out the sun and heat that’s toasting the school’s faculty and students. Questions beget questions and perhaps now, someone will be willing to provide some answers.

Some would say that all this controversy surrounds the firing of one soccer coach and hard feelings that still stem from that. Others say it’s about an out of control sports program that has carte blanche to spend if their football team is winning. Still others say it’s simpler than that, it’s a struggle between the district’s two high schools and which gets the largest portion of the pie, a struggle that’s been going on since the second school was built decades ago. No matter the cause of the unrest, the district’s voters said they wanted things to change at least in part.

Going forward, it remains to be seen what exactly will happen with all these questions. If someone digs deep enough, will they find poor management or meddling by board members, or will they uncover something more sinister, or perhaps nothing at all? It's apparent that although McKim, who ran for a board seat and lost Tuesday, is probably not going to just go away. All that remains are those unanswered question for now. We will continue to follow this situation closely as the new board takes the reins.

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