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Board studies academic calendar changes

The Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, Oct. 16. On the agenda was an action item, 10.2 Academic Calendar Changes. As you remember, students missed four school days (Tuesday, Sept. 11, through Friday, Sept. 14) by order of Governor Henry McMaster due to Hurricane Florence. By law (Section 59-1-425 of the South Carolina Code of Laws), districts are required to include at least three severe weather makeup days in each year’s academic school calendar. In the 2018–2019 academic school calendar, Lexington District One designated February 18, March 15 and April 22 as those severe weather makeup days. The law also requires districts to use those days first. As a result, Lexington District One will make up three of the four school days by using the three days already designated as severe weather makeup days. Just a few days before the Oct. 16 Board Meeting, students missed another school day on Thursday, Oct. 11, due to Hurricane Michael. Since state law requires that the calendar be 180 days long, the board will need to make a decision about when the district either makes up or forgives the fourth and fifth days. The board discussed the various options for making up the final two days such as adding two days to the calendar, forgiving two days on the calendar, adding an hour to the school day for a little over two weeks, holding Saturday school for two days, etc. The board decided to bring the calendar item back during their November 13, 2108, board meeting. They also asked parents and staff to reach out to them with their suggestions for making up the two days.

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