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Lexington Family Practice White Knoll checked after small heat strip malfunctions

White Knoll, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Lexington County Fire Service responded to a smell of smoke in the building at Lexington Family Practice White Knoll Thursday afternoon, but were able to quickly clear the building after finding no fire. Even though the staff took every precaution in notifying the fire service, the smell was eventually isolated to a malfunctioning heat strip in one of the HVAC units that services the building. According to Jennifer Wilson, Lexington Medical Center Public Relations Manager, the malfunction did create a small spark, but that never developed into a fire. The practice was able to return to their normal operations quickly while their maintenance staff was dispatched to fully check the system and make necessary repairs.

It is not uncommon for electrical heat strips to make smoke smells and even cause light hazes in homes and commercial buildings as the temperatures plummet for the first time of the year in South Carolina. Because our area of the country has such a low occurrence of very cold weather, we rely on all electrical heating systems that use heating strips that sometimes come on in stages. As it gets colder, more strips come on. Some of those may not have been used since the last of the very cold weather at the end of last winter. When these aren’t used for extended periods, you can get the

smell, and in some extreme cases, a haze of light smoke.

Lexington Family Practice White Knoll is open on Friday and is running their full and normal schedule. They also have heat so that you will be warm and comfortable if you should have an appointment scheduled there today. If you are a patient of that practice and need to be seen, call as you normally would to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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