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Cayce Public Safety Foundation more than doubles their goal during Midland’s Gives

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Cayce Public Safety Foundation raised more than twice their set goal Tuesday during the MIDLANDS GIVES 2019 campaign. This one-day giving event allows supporters to go on-line and donate to the cause of their choice in a quick and easy fashion. This year’s Cayce Public Safety Foundation’s goal was $500. Tuesday, they raised $1,240 through the support of the community.

The Cayce Public Safety Foundation supports the City of Cayce's police, firefighters, park rangers and animal control officers. Each budget year, the Cayce Department of Public Safety has 5% of their total budget allocated for new equipment. The remainder of the budget is allocated to what is called reoccurring expenses like salaries, insurance, gasoline, and utilities.The funds raised by the Public Safety Foundation help to ensure the city's public safety officers are adequately equipped with the equipment they need that’s not provided by the budgeted money the city provides.

The City of Cayce Department of Public Safety is a 91-member department serving the city's 14,000+ residents across 16 square miles. The Cayce Department of Public Safety operates with separate police and fire divisions. Cayce Public Safety works traditional 12-hour shifts and through a staff of 5 dispatchers, public safety officers respond 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

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