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Chapin town councilman receives “Found Money” check after seeing SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis on Good

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) – When Chapin Town Councilman Al Koon tuned into watch Good Morning Lexington County on The Lexington Ledger’s Facebook page Tuesday, he had no idea who the guest would be or that he’d end up pocketing over $1,500 in “Found Money” he didn’t even know he had. The guest was SC State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and he was talking about the State Unclaimed Property program. This program allows you to go on-line, search for money the state may hold in your, a family member, or even your old business’ name, and then claim any money you may be entitled to. This money may have been from an old bank account you closed, some stocks left to you by a relative, or simply a refund on a utility deposit. It could be a little, but in some cases, it’s been a whole lot!

By law, after a certain period, if some business, bank, or entity has money you were due and they can’t find you to return it, it must be turned over to the state. The treasurer holds approximately $650 million in an account they try in lots of ways to let people know about. Any person or business can go to the treasurer’s official website and search the database. You don’t have to be a current resident of the state. If you find money in your name, the website will lead you through the process of claiming that and getting it out of their bank account and into your pocket!

Koon said he felt it couldn’t hurt to check his family members’ and his name since the search was free and the process of claiming your money was easy. He went on-line and within moments, he found out that he was owed money himself! Since Treasurer Loftis happened to be in Chapin speaking to the Rotary Club, he rode down to the meeting and Karen Owens, an old friend of Koon’s and an employee of the treasurer, helped him file for his money right then and there. The treasurer even used a huge check with Koon’s name on it to take a photo Koon and him. Loftis hopes pictures like this will prompt other people to learn about the program and use the database too.

To search your name, just go to the website and doing a search. You can straight to it by clicking this LINK. Don’t forget to try full names, parent’s names, maiden names, other family members’ names, and businesses you’ve owned. Hey, do your friends a favor and try their names too. You might just find out they’ll be so happy; they’ll gladly take you out for a great meal soon. Right Al, hint, hint!

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