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Lexington County Blowfish tout health benefits of baseball

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Lexington County Blowfish have always been an integral part our community. Now, they are touting the health benefits of attending their games….as long as you either make the team or run the bases with Blowie before or during a game or climb the stadium steps about 1,000 times. For the older crowd, walking in from the parking lot, albeit a short stroll, might help some too! Participating in any of these healthy activities will certainly get you enough cheat credits to enjoy the real pleasures of being in the stands for a 2019 season game, their Fair Food Weekly Special.

Recently, the Lexington County Blowfish’s management unveiled their first two Fair Food specials for the 2019 season. First, the new fair craze called the donut burger. “It will consist of the same delicious burger, or cheeseburger you get every night at The Lex,” co-owner Bill Shanahan said. “Instead of bread, the top and bottom buns will be comprised of delicious glazed donuts.” If you’re still not sold, remember the words of the great sports legend Homer Simpson, “Ummm Donuts.”

Week two of the season, the Blowfish will feature frozen, chocolate covered bananas….with sprinkles! A new Fair Food Special each week will be showcased as well as nightly specials like Corn Dogs on a Stick and Funnel Fries. It’s sure to be approved by your cardiologist… long as he just died of a heart attack but what the hey, you only live life once and attending a Blowfish game and splurging on a treat ought to be a part of it!

Come, eat, enjoy some baseball and as the summer progresses, there will be more Fair Food Specials along with the old favorites you’ve come to enjoy. You can find out more about all things Lexington County Blowfish by going to their website at

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