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Two deputies treated after confrontation on Crestridge Drive Wednesday

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – Two deputies were treated for minor medical issues Wednesday after a man they had been called to check on began to resist them. This led them to a confrontation that required the deputies to use force to detain the lone suspect. The man was also injured in the encounter and is still being treated for an unknown medical condition.

According to Captain Adam Myrick with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, deputies had been requested to respond to Crestridge Drive off Nazareth Road for a welfare check. Callers had reported that a man was there in the road prompting area residents to be uneasy and concerned for his health. Deputies arrived and began to interact with the man who eventually became non-compliant with what they were telling him. They eventually were forced to deploy tasers and pepper spray as non-lethal methods of getting the suspect under control. Eventually, the deputies were able to restrain the struggling suspect and detained him.

During the physical confrontation, the suspect and two of the deputies did receive some minor injuries. Deputies first helped a Lexington EMS crew with the suspect before they were transported to a medical facility to have their own injuries treated.

The suspect has not been identified by the sheriff’s department.

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