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Lexington Police Foundation throws another successful Fall Festival

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Ghouls, goblins, and monsters of just about every size and shape were joined by lots of little princes, princesses, firefighters, cowboys, and more as the Lexington Police Department’s Foundation held their Fall Festival Tuesday evening. As with everything this group does, this was a high-quality event that was extremely well planned and attended.

The Fall Festival is an annual event that raises money for the foundation while giving families of the community something wholesome to do. Each year, it is held on Maiden Lane at the town hall and the Police Department’s headquarters. As they have in the past, some of the activities spilled out of the town hall’s main parking area, but business owners with property nearby have been happy to allow some of their space to be used for this great event. It draws hundreds, perhaps thousands every year!

The Lexington Police Foundation is a non-profit that helps support the town’s police department. Its members raise money for necessary items that may not have been included in the Police Department budget that year. The fact that some items just don’t make the final cut during the budget process doesn’t mean those items aren’t important. It’s simply reality that you can’t always afford everything you need or want. Any donation to the foundation is tax deductible and goes to directly help the Lexington Police Department.

Tuesday night, carnival rides were whirling, twirling, and blinking with colored lights as the children who rode laughed, screamed, and tried to wave to anyone who was watching. The smell of great food filled the air as mascots from businesses wandered the crowd having their pictures taken over and over again.

Beside the little police officers in uniforms with toy guns and cuffs on their sides, there were lots of the real-deal officers. Perhaps those officers had the same dream of fighting crime decades ago and followed their dream to fruition. The officers were as popular as the Chik-Fil-A cow or any other character when it was time for kids to pose for pictures. Officers always took the time to speak or stand still for that picture snap with guests when asked. Part of Lexington Police Chief Terrance Green’s plan for his department has always been to make officers accessible, friendly at the right time, and stern when necessary. Lexington officers understand the importance of children knowing them and seeing them regularly in a setting that doesn’t always end with someone in handcuffs headed to jail. Children who’ve interacted with Lexington officers at their school, in businesses, or at community functions know these men and women are there to help. Most importantly, they understand the police are their friends.

Lexington businesses did what they always do, they pitched in. From Catch Seafood to Chik-Fil-A, just about every type of business participated. They gave away, candy, trinkets, free samples, and other Halloween treats to children. It was clear this event would have been nothing without the support of those businesses.

Of course, there was more there to see and do! There was live music, bounce castles, corn hole, and games galore. You could eat, drink, and play, a great combination for kids! There was literally something for everyone.

In short, the organizers did a great job of bringing another quality event to downtown Lexington. This community has come alive in the old downtown, an area that people thought couldn’t be revived some years ago. Revitalization did come after planning by forward thinking people who realized that if you build it, they will come. Come they did Tuesday as Lexington took a nice step back in time to a place where families knew their neighbors and did things outdoors together. Thanks Lexington Police Foundation! You’ve set the bar high, now let’s see who can hurdle it. More Halloween and fall fun is on the way.

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