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Lexington County Deputy Sheriff Roy Hall feels the love during check presentation

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Lexington County Sheriff’s deputy and K-9 Handler Roy Hall and his wife visited the department’s headquarters this week to receive a check from Serve and Connect’s Kassy Alia. Serve and Connect has been providing multiple forms of emotional and financial support for the Hall family since Roy was hurt in a tragic vehicle collision last summer. They have also acted as the organization that has been coordinating fundraising efforts for the Halls. These services are all part of their Crisis Response Program.

Thanks to community members who’ve donated to Serve and Connect in Deputy Hall’s name, he and his wife were presented with a check for more than $44,000 during their headquarters visit! This is money that will help supplement Hall’s Worker’s Compensation pay and cover other expenses most of us hope we never have to encounter. Serve and Connect has helped in many ways while Roy focuses on healing.

In the attached video, please note one thing that might have slipped by some who haven’t been following this closely over the months since the accident. Deputy Hall is standing and is not in a wheelchair as he was during a fundraiser a few months ago. Both the check and the improvement in Roy’s health are certainly worthy of a thank you prayer from us all.

To learn more about Serve and Connect, and to continue to donate, go to You can donate at the website and earmark your donation for Deputy Roy Hall.

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