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Pelion town election almost decided, almost!

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) – The Pelion Town Council election is almost settled, we think. Two council seats were open, but no one filed to run for either. In a case such as this, if people write candidates in, the top two write-ins would take the seats as long as they live in the town and meet all other eligibility requirements.

After the polls closed Tuesday, a total of 31 write-in votes were cast. The top write-in candidate was incumbent councilman Daniel Shumpert, who had not refiled. He received 10 votes. Mike Mascio received the second highest total with 6 votes.

After Shumpert and Mascio, Mike Smith received 2 votes, Greg Downer 2, Frank Shumpert, the sitting mayor and father of Daniel Shumpert, received 2 votes, Harry Fogle 2, Lee Eastman 1, Amy McDonald 1, Breanna Sossamon 1, Cynthia Smith 1, Joanne Slice 1, and Chuck Ingle 1.

These are the unofficial results. The count will next be forwarded to the SC Ethics Commission who will review it before it’s certified.

The Pelion Town Council has been running as smooth as fine silk with little disagreement or dissent. The small town runs a balanced budget, provides police protection, and has a low crime rate and high-quality of life.

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