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Pelion Police Officer Odell Glenn makes donation to Sole Steppers after winning award

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) – In December of 2019, Pelion Police Officer Odell Glenn was awarded the Mungo Home’s Community Builder’s Award for all the great work he does with the students at the Pelion Elementary School. He’s the School Resource Officer there.

During the presentation, the leaders who gave him the award said that Glenn helps, “Bridge the gap between school and community, and has learned how to keep the attention of students while discussing serious topics.” He really is a one of a kind! SRO Glenn goes the extra mile to make a difference. He really gets to know his students and works to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who meets him every day.

A part of an SRO’s job is to make a one on one connection with students and let the children know that the police are their friends. Glenn does this by making the children laugh, getting down on their level to talk to them like grownup people face to face, and in large part just listening to them as he would anyone who needs an ear or someone who cares about their problems.He’ll dress up for every day of homecoming week, crack a joke, and has been known to break out his dance moves if necessary! He’s an accomplished DJ and dancer.

With his Community Builders Award, one thing Officer Glenn received was a check for $1,000. It was his job to select one of the many deserving charities in the area to donate that money to. Last Friday, Officer Glenn presented his check to the Pelion community charity; Sole Stepping. Glenn said during the presentation that Sole Stepping was a, “Great organization,” andhe knew the donation would be, “Money well spent.”

Sole Stepping is non-profit ministry in Lexington County. Their goal is meeting the needs of local school-aged children by providing them shoes. So that no child will be singled at as that kid whose parents can’t afford to buy them new shoes, Sole Stepping gives a pair of sneakers to each child at each school they are able to support. In the process, they share the love of Jesus by the joy and their unique process of distributing the shoes.

Sole Stepping is funded through the donations of local churches,businesses, and some individuals. It’s not always easy to buy the amount of shoes that they need but somehow, the Lord provides. This year, he did it in part with Officer Glenn’s donation of that check!

Thanks Officer Glenn for all you do and the great example you set. To find out how you can help too, check out Sole Stepping’s website at

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