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Mission Lexington status update

Lexington, SC - Mission Lexington is continuing to monitor the latest developments regarding COVID-19. The health and safety of thei clients, staff and volunteers remains their number one priority. At this time, they will be implementing the following policies until further notice: General Practices: All staff and volunteers interacting with the public will be required to wear gloves. They will continue to wipe down handles, doorknobs, shopping carts and high-traffic areas multiple times throughout the day, and in the evening. 1. Volunteers: As of 3/18/20 they are asking that all volunteers remain at home. The staff will cover the food pantry

2. Social Services Status: Closed until further notice. You may still receive food through the food pantry 3. Food Pantry: Their pantry is open for pre-packed food through this Friday (20th)

Drive to the back of the building, remain in your car and a staff person will meet you to assess your needs. We will need to see your driver’s license.

Food For Living clients will remain on the monthly schedule.

Hours of operation will be reassessed at the end of the week. 4. Thrift Store: Closed Until March 31st

5. Donation Center: All donations will be collected outside of the building and will be held in containers in a storage container for up to two weeks. Donation Center will be closed on Saturday.

6. They have canceled all pick-ups until further notice. 7. Pray! The most important thing that al of us can do is lean into our faith at this crucial time, but the Bible teaches us: “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself.” (Matthew 6:35)

Again, Missions Lexington wants their families to know that given this is a fluid matter, they will continue to meet and discuss the best ways that they can keep their volunteers, staff and neighbors safe. They support all family decisions and stand behind any decision that you make for your family. If you become one of those in need, please reach out. You are their family.

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