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Nephron to begin making hand sanitizer to do their part during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) - According to an article written by Melinda Waldrop in the Columbia Regional Business Report, Cayce based Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corp. has asked the Food and Drug Administration for permission to add up to six filling lines to ramp up its production of sterile respiratory medication. They have also ordered the materials to begin making hand sanitizer after receiving FDA approval. (See Waldrop's full article here)

Nephron is already running 24-hours, seven days-a-week. They are continually hiring team members to meet the needs of hospitals and other medical facilities with sterile medicines.

Again, Waldrop's article says that Lou Kennedy told her that the plan is to produce 50-liter batches of a strong, FDA recipe without fragrances or other diluting agents. She said she will gift what is left over from the first batch, after Nephron employees and their families have been served, to local charities. Kennedy has always been known for her caring attitude to Nephron employees and the community around the business.

To help accommodate their team working in production, Nephron now has in-house childcare. They had already added an in-house pharmacy for their employees. Children in the daycare facility already receive something to eat during their stay. Nephron is also using the same methods they use in their sterile facility where the childcare area is located. They are using a fogging machine and are using isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to continually wipe down surfaces that may become contaminated with any type of germ.

According to Waldrop’ s article, Kennedy said, “We’re really good at cleaning here, because we only make sterile drugs. I’m very confident about making a clean environment for these children.”

Kennedy also told Waldrop that Nephron has received FDA approval to begin making its own hand sanitizer and ordered supplies to do so on Monday. Waldrop's article also quoted Kennedy as saying, “We will take care of the Nephron family first, and after we do that, we will look at should we go through churches, the Salvation Army, how can we help the community, and/or commercial production,” she said. “I’ve had at least six requests from various sales reps across the country. Hospitals are asking can we make that hand sanitizer for them.”

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