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Representative Caskey releases update on COVID -19 from Lexington Medical Center

West Columbia, SC (Paul Kirby) - During the last week of March and the first week of April, Representative Micah Caskey requested a status report from the Lexington Medical Center on their caseload of COVID -19 coronavirus patients. He and his staff released LMC's response today, Aoril 1st, and distributed those numbers via a press release to the media.

In that response, the administration of LMC gave the following status update:

As of this morning (April 1st):

Lexington County has 54 active cases

LMC has processed 74 COVID-19 patients so far

Currently treating 44 patients; of those, 11 are confirmed and 33 patients were tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting results.

11 patients are in ICU; 6 of those 11 are on ventilators and range in age from 61 to 83

5 LMC employees have tested positive; of those, 4 from the nursing home and 1 from the hospital.

The 5 employees are recovering at home.

LMC has enough masks/protective equipment for emergency room/ICU staff for 2-3 weeks (subject to volume)

If they were to mask every employee at the hospital it would be 7-10 days worth of supply (subject to volume

These are the latest figures from LMC. As time goes on, expect further updates on the status and capabilities of the hospital system located in Lexington County.

In closing, Rep. Caskey said, "Wash your hands and stay safe."

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