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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Does the sitting sheriff get special privilege to break state laws?

This is a letter to the editor written by the gentleman who submitted it. He has provided and he agreed to have his name posted with it as we require. It is not news, rather it reflects the author’s opinion on a topic. The fact that it was posted does not mean that any staff member of The Lexington Ledger agrees or disagrees with this gentleman's opinion. If anyone else who can follow the rules set forth on the OPINION page of The Ledger would like to submit a written opinion, we will be glad to publish your OPINION also!

TENNESSEE (Jimmy Yoakum) - Dear editor, my name is Jimmy Yoakum. I live in Tennessee, but have family in Lexington and Aiken counties. My relatives are not fans of Mr Koon and the stories they are hearing from the deputies there. A lot of turnover and abuse of power.

I composed this letter and have been sending it out in hopes that my family, the people and the deputies voices will be heard. Thank you for your time and consideration in running my letter for the public.To: Lexington County Council, SCDOT, Lexington County Election Commission.

I would like to know why Mr Koon is allowed to put election signs on state right of ways (illegal) as well as private properties, without permission (illegal). Furthermore many of these signs are in places that obstruct intersections, traffic signs and right of ways. Does the sitting sheriff get special privilege to break state laws, local zoning laws and infringe on private property owners?

This will certainly not help with Lexington Co traffic issues, because he has not made the Lexington streets any safer to travel on. Does Mr Koon believe because he is an elected official he can do whatever he likes? This appears to be an abuse of power as well as an intentionally blatant violation of state and local laws and election laws. Is this how he has been running the sheriffs office? Abuse of power, illegal activities and generally treating his employees as the high potentate? Maybe you should look at why the sheriffs office has lost over 100 employees in the past year.

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