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Fairview businesses wins Lexington Chronicle’s Lexington’s Best 2023 in Plumbing & Hardware Stores

Fairview, SC 07/12/2023 (Paul Kirby) – Two businesses based out of the Fairview Community and owned by the same man were named the Lexington County Chronicle’s Lexington’s Best 2023 in the categories of Plumbing and Hardware Stores. Fairview General Supply and Foremost Plumbing took the honors after the readers were allowed to vote for a set period earlier in the summer.

Both businesses are owned by Russell Daggerhart and run by him, his family, and a small group of trusted employees. Daggerhart said after the awards were presented that he was honored to be supported by his customers. “We start each day with the attitude that everything we do that day will get our best. We try not to make mistakes and when we occasionally do, we make it a top priority to correct the problem and then retrain and learn from those situations.” He also said that his two businesses wouldn’t be successful without the hard work and dedication of his family and employees.

Fairview General Supply is less than 2 years old. Not only do they sell hardware, but they also sell lumber, yard and garden supplies and equipment, agricultural chemicals, and gently used items. They have expanded several times since first opening and are currently surveying their customers on social media to expand the business again.

Foremost Plumbing has been in business for a number of years. Daggerhart personally makes it a priority to go to every job site to make sure that things are done correctly. Foremost does both residential and commercial rough to finish and repairs and maintenance. Both businesses are run out of the store, which is located at 433 Merrits Drive, Leesville, SC. Either business can be reached by phone at (803) 657-5325.


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