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Groups preparing to “Purple Up” with military children on April 15th

Pelion, SC 03/18/2022 (Paul Kirby) – Each year, the month of April is recognized as the month of the military child. April 15th is known as Purple Up! For Military Kid’s Day. This is a special day just to recognize the difficulties of being the child of someone who serves in the military.

Our military children are resilient however, being the child of someone who service in one of the branches of the service certainly can be difficult. Their lives may include a parent who is deployed overseas. They may have to move to another part of the country or the world more frequently, leaving behind their friends and some of the things they enjoy about a particular area. Then there’s the unknown of how their parent is doing whether they simply leave to go to training in the morning or are deployed in some conflict.

All American’s can show support for our military children by wearing purple on April 15th; “Purple UP”. Purple represents a combination of all the US military branches. More information and ideas on how to celebrate or promote this day can be found at

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