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Letter to the Editor: "I fully support Congressman Joe Wilson"

Dear Editor,

As a constituent of the Second Congressional District of South Carolina, I fully support Congressman Joe Wilson and the US congressional representation he has provided our district over the years. I have found him to be a passionate, genuine, and selfless public servant who advocates for the health, wellness, and advancement of all people. His relentless support for the men and women of the armed services, teachers, arts advancements, law enforcement, veteran affairs, and his service on humanitarian organizations in our district all point to his heart as a servant leader. The Second Congressional District deserves a dedicated and accessible servant leader who will listen and fight for jobs, lower taxes, opportunity and economic growth in our district and we have found these attributes in Representative Joe Wilson.

As a Black American woman, I am considered a minority in my district, nevertheless, each time I have reached out to Representative Wilson I have found him to be very accessible, conscientious, well-informed, and passionate about addressing the needs and issues concerning our district constituents head-on. We have watched Congressman Wilson stand honorable, proud, and unafraid representing our district so that we can enjoy the bounty from the seeds we have sown in hard work and dedication in our chosen professions. He embodies what our congressional district needs like never before and that is a strong servant-leader who is willing to listen to constituents and fight for the continued growth and opportunity in our district and in the state of South Carolina. 2nd Congressional District Constituent

Dr. Kizzi S. Gibson Ed.D.

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