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Letter to the Editor: The Town of Pine Ridge Special Mayoral Election, ready or not!

Pine Ridge, SC (0613/2021 Judith Cooper) - Have you made your choice? Time is ticking! The Special Election on June 15th for the Town of Pine Ridge Mayor is just hours away. Many Town residents are having a difficult time deciding who to vote for.

Who will be the next Mayor of Pine Ridge, at least until they have to run again November Election? That's right, whoever wins in June Special Election will only fulfill the remainder of former Mayor Robert Wells term. That means in November there will be another election for the next 4 years.

  • Do we vote for a brand new person to finish the term?

  • Do we vote for someone already in the position to finish the term?

You may be able to rationalize one way or another based on; personal connection to the Candidate or by not liking the past Mayor. The latter of which has nothing to do with either Candidate. Perhaps you resorted to a coin toss. However do decide in the end the best Candidate, for the Town of Pine Ridge Mayor, should be the one that puts the Town and it's Citizens first.

There are 2 Candidates that made their run for Mayor common knowledge. No write in ballots (that we are aware of) or secret campaigning this time. We were not that fortunate in our last election. We didn't have the opportunity to ask questions of both Candidates back in 2018. Did you ask both Candidates questions? Unless you have asked questions how do you know you are voting for the best Candidate?

Candidates email addresses for questions and comment:

Danial Davis:

Have you considered what both Candidates have made public and what is going on at Council Meetings?

If you are not aware of what has been happening at Council Meetings take a few minutes to go to and decide for yourself if this is the direction you see our Town going in.

Candidate Daniel Davis "Experience When it Matters Most"

1. USMC Veteran

2. Currently employed by S.C. Dept. of Disabilities and Special needs as the Autism Division Director.

3. Serves the community as: Pro-tem Mayor for the Town of Pine Ridge and is Chairperson of Deacon Ministry at the Second Calvary Baptist Church.

4. Bachelor of Science and earned a Master of Social Work

  • Use of Old Town Hall property

  • Eliminating or Consolidating Town Council Committees. This means residents will be part of the process of keeping or eliminating the Police Commissioner position. Candidate Davis has stated he will not nominate himself in the meantime.

7. Served on Town Council Financial Committee. The Town of Pine Ridge is in a solid financial position. Independent Auditors have given the Town stellar marks. Candidate Davis believes the Town can be fiscally Conservative and simultaneously support causes that directly benefit the Town of Pine Ridge. Those who have received donations on the behalf of Pine Ridge include but are not limited to:

Pine Ridge Senior Center-Meals on Wheels

  • L.C. Lucas Memorial Golf Tournament

  • Midland Girls Softball

  • Midlands Boys Baseball

  • SAL Fishing-Epworth Children's Home

  • Pine Ridge Middle School GOLD Sponsor

Candidate Kevin Nation " New Leadership for a Safer Community"

1. USMC & USA Veteran retired

2. Currently employed at Fort Jackson with the staff Judge Advocate

3. Retired Tennessee Police Chief. Candidate Nation has stated on several occasions he would allow the Police Department to take care of their business and not interfere. 4. Master's Degree Criminal Justice

5. Platform is for a Safer Community

6. Platform Transparency of Government

7. Platform (in part) is to Stop Frivolous Spending

Whatever you decide please get out and VOTE!!!

If you have elderly neighbors, or know of someone who doesn't drive, be a good neighbor and offer them a ride. Every vote is important.

The polling place for Pine Ridge District I and Pine Ridge District II will be at Congaree Baptist Church located at 101 Pine Ridge Drive West Columbia, SC 29172 between 7AM-7PM Tuesday June 15th, 2021

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