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Lexington Police Department takes to social media to warn the general public about dangerous phone scams

Lexington, SC 04/12/2024 (Paul Kirby) - Lexington police officers are warning the public about a telephone scam they have started to see just today. In the cases, the person contacted a citizen threatening them with arrest.


In this scam, the caller tells the person they’ve called that police have obtained a warrant for their arrest. They say that the person they are scamming needs to get some money together, and then meet them to pay that fine so that the warrant will be voided.


Police warn that you should never do either of these things. Do not attempt to get the money together and certainly do not make plans to meet the caller somewhere. They say this could open you to the dangers of assault, kidnapping, and even murder!

Officers say that law enforcement agencies do not call and offer to allow you to pay a fine over the telephone. They also say that the only place that an officer will ask anyone to meet them to discuss a warrant is inside the police department’s headquarters or building.


The police say that if you do get one of these calls, get as much information as possible and then call the police and relay that information to them. This could not only save you money but might save your life.


Police say if you have any doubt about the validity of any call, do not give the caller your home address and never offer to meet someone you don’t know well. You are are urged to be safe and stay alert!



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