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WEST COLUMBIA, SC 09/13/2021 -- Lexington Two is sharing the following information regarding events on Monday, September 13:

Monday morning, Lexington Two administrators were alerted to social media posts from an unknown individual who allegedly threatened a shooting during lunch at an unnamed school. An investigation was immediately launched, and Cayce police officers were contacted. Because of information in the posts, it was determined that the threats involved a high school lunch period.

Out of an abundance of caution, extra administrators and law enforcement officers were present at the high schools, and the school day continued to operate on a normal schedule with the appropriate safety protocols in place.

Since that time, the district was informed that multiple allegations concerning the alleged threat were shared on social media, and it takes this opportunity to address the misinformation. There were inaccurate claims made about (1) a person with a gun inside one of the high schools (later found to be an old photograph with what appears to be a “toy” gun); 2) schools being placed on lockdown; and 3) the presence of an active shooter on one of the campuses. This information is not true and has no factual basis; however, administrators and law enforcement looked into all tips and information as part of their investigation. Between the two high schools, roughly a quarter of parents/legal guardians picked up their high schoolers early.

No information was found during Monday’s investigations to substantiate any of the alleged threats or rumors. Lexington Two does not tolerate threats to students, employees, or our schools. We encourage students and parents to report safety concerns immediately to a school administrator, school counselor, SRO or any other district employee.

In May 2018, an amendment to the S.C. Code of Laws created the new crime “Student Threats” (Section 16-17-425). This amendment made it unlawful for a “student at a school or college in this state to make threats, to take the life of, or to inflict bodily harm upon another by using any form of communication whatsoever.” School officials must report any student threats.

Any Lexington Two student and/or employee who is found to have made a threat, or created false or misleading information about a threat, will face disciplinary consequences in accordance with board policy, and could face possible legal consequences as well.

Lexington Two will continue to take any and all threats seriously, as safety is our top priority in ensuring that our children have access to their education.


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