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Local church helping children by organizing golfing outing

Three Fountains, SC – 03/14/2021 (Paul Kirby) – For Crossroads World Outreach Center and other local churches, the call to help children who are less fortunate than others is a passion. As social problems like drugs and single parent families rage, more and more children find themselves in positions where the state must intervene in their lives for the child’s health and safety. For many, this means foster care and at some point, perhaps, adoption. These are children that churches rally around to show that even though times are tough, God is always with you and he will provide.

Sadly, in South Carolina, there simply aren’t enough foster homes to fill the needs of all the children. When a family isn’t available for a child that requires placement, DSS looks toward group homes to fill the children’s needs. Turbeville Children’s Home is one such place.

Turbeville Children’s Home has been in the small South Carolina town of Turbeville since 1909. If travelers take the scenic route down US Hwy. 378 on their way to the Grand Strand, they’ve probably passed the cluster of nondescript buildings many times. Many drivers never take a second look and often passed right by heading for fun in the sun not knowing that God’s work was going on inside the buildings or on the campus.

In 2016, the International Pentecostal Holiness Church became involved in the Turbeville Children’s Home. They already had a successful group cluster in Falcon, N.C. and had the experience to make these operation work. They brought their workers, funds, and love of that ministry to bear. The Turbeville Children’s Home became even better at helping children in need. Still, the needs of those children are great and as in all of God’s kingdom, there is much work still to be done.

That’s why this spring, Crossroads World Outreach Center is organizing their first ever CWOC Spring Golf Tournament. They want to get the word out about the needs of the children and raise some money that will be used to help in Turbeville. It’s going to be a fun event for a great cause!

Jason Catoe, one of the organizers of the Crossroads World Outreach Center's Spring Golf Tournament, says that right now what they need most is sponsors. Catoe says that teams will certainly make their own contributions when they pay tp play in the tournament at nearby Indian Rivers on April 29, but sponsors are really what make a good golf tournament great.

Usually, businesses step up and help. There are also some private sponsors and certainly, all the volunteers are invaluable too. In this case, Catoe hopes that businesses and individuals will find it in their hearts to help by becoming sponsors of this event.

The price range for the sponsorship packages can be as small as a General Sponsor, a business or individual that gives any amount, to the Event Sponsor who donates $1,000. In all cases, there will be ways that the sponsors will be recognized for their helping the children throughout the tournament. If God's blessed you, donations to this event are tax deductible so that donations can be used to reduce your taxes if you so desire.

This really is God’s work and Catoe and the rest of the organizers are just glad they were called to be a part of it. They know that if they can touch the lives of these children now, perhaps later the pattern that landed them in foster care in the first place will be broken in their future.

Right now, they need you. If you can help, contact Jason Catoe at (803) 309-0435. He can get you headed in the right direction on how you or your company can be a part.

You can also download their flyer about this event that gives you more information about the Children's Home and the golf tournament by following the link below to a PDF document.

2021 Golf Flyer 2021 02 12
Download PDF • 7.21MB


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