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New traffic signal being installed at intersection of Platt Springs and Ramblin Roads

Red Banks, SC - 02/09/2021 (Paul Kirby) – The SCDOT is making progress on the new traffic signal they are installing at the intersection of Ramblin and Platt Springs Roads. This intersection is not far from the Town of South Congaree’s limits and sits between Emanual Church Road and South Lake Drive.

Despite the bad weather, the concrete pedestals for the mast arms were poured last week. The necessary wiring was being installed Tuesday and the control wire tracks had already been sawed into the existing pavement. As with all new signals, this one will have the WALK and DON’T WALK controls available.

That section of Platt Springs Road is often considered a 5 lane Urban Sector. It includes two inbound lanes, two outbound lanes, a center turn lane, bicycle lanes, curbs, guttering, and sidewalks.

At a meeting about another intersection several years ago, Andy Leaphart, a traffic engineer with the SCDOT, said that the department looks at a number of factors before installing a light. Leaphart explained that a new light can prevent one type of vehicle accident but often contributes to others. As an example, crossing accidents may be prevented by a signal but you may see an increase in rear end collisions because of the installation of a new traffic signal. Roundabouts are considered one of the safest traffic intersections but are sometimes unsuitable for a number of reasons.

In the case of this intersection, many factors including accident statistics were looked at before deciding that a new signal was needed. In the end, statistics of all types proved it was time for a light. This signal will be especially important when commuters were trying to turn from Ramblin onto Platt Springs Road at various times of the day.

If the work continues at the present pace you may see the signal system activated within the next week to 10 days.


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