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Parents want to know who else was involved in a collision as their son fights for his life in ICU

Fairview/Steadman, SC – 04/22/2021 (Paul Kirby) – As their son lay fighting for his life in ICU, Brian Smith and Tracy wait and pray. On Saturday, April 17, 2021 at around 2:15 p.m. their son Tyler, just 13 years old, was enjoying riding his 4-wheeler along Shumpert Mill Rd. off Fairview Rd. At some point, they believe he collided with a vehicle. As Tyler lay unconscious on the ground, Tyler’s parents think the driver of that vehicle left the scene.

Firefighters and multiple EMTs and Paramedics responded to the scene of the crash from Lexington County. Realizing how seriously Tyler was injured and how far the Midland’s Trauma Center was by road, the medics requested a helicopter fly to Lexington County and transport the teen to Prisma's Palmetto Richland Campus. For his parents, the seriousness of the situation really hit home at that point. Tyler was gravely injured and might not survive.

Since that day, Tyler has been struggling to heal. His body is trying to repair itself with the help of the best doctors and nurses there are. Only time will tell. As friends and family surrounds him and his parents for support, everyone wonders if someone is out there that really knows what happened that sunny Spring afternoon.

The SCHP had troopers work the collision but they’ve had no one come forward to tell them exactly what happened. They’d also like to know if anyone else was involved and exactly how Tyler’s crash occurred. Without a witness and Tyler still unable to tell them, they don’t have much to go on.

If you have any information about this collision that can help troopers close this case, please contact the SCHP and pass it on. They can be reached in their Lexington County office at 803-808-4200 or by calling Troop One’s Headquarters at 803-737-8340.

PHOTO CAPTION: Tyler in better days.


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