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Several structure fires near Pelion keep firefighters busy Wednesday afternoon

Pelion, SC (Paul Kirby) - Several structure fires near the Pelion and Boiling Springs communities kept Lexington County firefighters busy Wednesday afternoon. Firefighters from across the southwest and central regions of the county either responded to the fires or were moved into the area to cover for stations whose equipment and personnel were committed at the scenes. 

The first fire was reported on Ollie Road off James Dunbar Road shortly after 3:00 p.m. Before the first crews arrived, they reported seeing a large column of black smoke in the sky. Ollie Road is a very rural road that meanders through the area between James Dunbar and Elbert Taylor Roads. There are only a few structures located on it but plenty of open farm fields, wooded acreage, and older buildings associated with farming operations. 

When the first firefighters pulled up, they encountered a building that had already burned to the ground. Because there are no fire hydrants in the area, teams used tanker trucks to carry water in from another source. There was also a woods fire burning in that area that was quickly extinguished by the fire crews as well. 

Eventually, Lexington County's Department of Public Works was requested and responded with a tractor capable of pulling some of the old building’s metal roofing away. This allowed the firefighters to be able to reach the burning material underneath completely extinguishing the fire. 

While firefighters were still working at the Ollie Road scene, a second structure fire was dispatched on Windy Wood Road near Fox Trot Trail. Fire commanders from the first scene immediately began releasing trucks and manpower to respond to that fire. Firefighters that had already been moved into that general area to provide emergency protection for stations whose primary trucks and personnel were committed on Ollie Road were also dispatched. 

When the first units arrived on the second fire, they reported finding a home that was engulfed in flames. Once again, tanker trucks were relied on as the primary water source as firefighters attacked that blaze. This operation eventually closed Windy Wood Road around the 1500 block for a short time as fire equipment arrived and was operating on the scene.

Equipment from central Lexington County, the Town of Batesburg-Leesville, and areas further north near Lake Murray were moved up to various positions to provide coverage for stations that were committed at the burning structures. Fire commanders constantly monitored the level of available equipment and personnel across the entire county ensuring that there were both trucks and manpower available should another emergency come in. 

The teams from the Lexington County Fire Service were assisted by deputies with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department and crews from Lexington County EMS. These EMS team members work hand in hand with the firefighters to make sure that medical assistance is quickly available should someone be injured on the scene or while fighting fire.  

Both of the structures are being considered a total loss. The cause of the fires is under investigation.


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