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Social media post that is affecting the Newberry College community

Newberry, S.C. 08/04/22 - Recently, the College has been made aware of a social media post that is affecting the Newberry College community. The situation is under investigation. Due to matters of privacy, we are limited about what we can say regarding the circumstances. However, Newberry College and Newberry College Athletics would like to be absolutely clear that the College does not condone or support bullying by, or against, Newberry College students.

Newbery College students are expected to adhere to the College's Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, which outlines policies and procedures related to bullying and other forms of harassment. Any conduct, including cyberbullying, that is inconsistent with the College’s policies and procedures is addressed pursuant to the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

All matters relating to our safe and supportive campus environment are taken very seriously. In addition to handling situations in accordance with our established procedures, we are also reviewing our policies to ensure that our campus environment remains healthy and responsive.

We have taken and will continue to take, the necessary steps to make sure everyone feels safe and welcome at Newberry College.


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