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South Congaree small business owner awards sponsorship to apprentice from single-parent home

South Congaree, SC 04/05/2022 (Paul Kirby) – South Congaree small business owner Brian Jackson has awarded a $1,000 sponsorship to an apprentice that’s been working for him over the past few years. Karson Grubbs, an 11th Grade student at Airport High School, is the son of Amber Grubbs and the late J.R. Grubbs who passed unexpectedly in 2020.

Jackson owns Jackson Septic Tank Service, a South Congaree based business, that was started in the late 1970s by his family. During the summer and on weekends, he’s always tries to use teens from the area as helpers and apprentices to teach them his business and work ethic. Now, he’s begun awarding an annual $1,000 sponsorship to one of these students who shows dedication and a willingness to work hard at a young age. He also weighs their love of the outdoors and sports such as fishing and hunting, two past times that he himself enjoys.

“When I decided to do this, I saw young people who actually wanted to work and improve themselves, not the lost generation so many talks about,” Jackson said. “These are kids that get up early, are on time for work, and give you a good day’s labor for their pay. They are the kind of students that are on career tracks that might take them to a technical school after graduating where they can add to the knowledge they’ve gained working during their high school years.”

Karson Grubbs, this year’s winner, is in the Career Building program at Lexington District Two. In this program, he begins his day at one school but travels to another campus later to complete the day. He is on Airport High School’s Bass Fishing Team and is already competing in other professional tournaments through the fall and spring. He has his own Bass Boat and set up that includes professional uniforms, high-end gear, and all the other trappings of a professional fisherman. “Karson has to provide his own sponsorships because the district doesn’t fund the Fishing Team like football, basketball, and other traditional sports. I hope this will help with that because it’s amazing to see this young man so dedicated to whatever he decides to do.” Beside working for Jackson, Karson has his own lawn service. “He’ll get up in the summer with the sun, run over to Pine Ridge and cut a few lawns, take his equipment back home, and still make it to work on time for me. You don’t see teens willing to work like that often,” Jackson concluded.

Beside this sponsorship, Jackson has always invested in youth programs in some way. “I know this may sound funny because I’m the single father of a teenage son but I’ve always sponsored girls’ softball through my business. Whether it be at Airport High School,” Jackson’s alma mater, “or Lexington County Girls’ Softball, I just always thought these sports were under appreciated and underfunded. I like to invest in programs that could be seen as the underdogs if you will. Everyone seems to want their banner in the football stadium. I’m proud to see mine hanging on the fence when some you lady knocks a long drive over that fence,” he concluded.

PICTURE CAPTION: Brian Jackson, far right, gets some help from friend and fellow businessman Bobby Porter, as he awards a $1,000 sponsorship to Karson Grubbs of Airport High School. Grubbs immediate family is also pictured.


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