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Town secures permanent solution to resolve downtown sewer line issue

Lexington, SC 02/28/2024 - Town Secures Permanent Solution to Resolve Downtown Sewer Line Issue The Town of Lexington is moving forward with the next phase of a permanent solution to resolve a sewer line failure in the Downtown area.

After years of negotiations, the Town has secured the final property easement needed to place new sewer lines in the parking lots of several businesses that front on East Main Street. The Town has worked tirelessly to come to this resolution with all property owners, keeping the utility ratepayer at the forefront during the negotiations process.

Back in March of 2023 there was an isolated sewer line failure that caused the Town to have to put a utility pump truck Downtown to maintain normal sewer service for customers. The line that failed dates back to 1925 and it cannot be repaired or replaced because it is located under a building.

The Town has been aware for decades that one day this would become an issue and has worked for years prior to the failure to gain an easement from property owners to relocate the line. However, until now those efforts were stalled in negotiations and at one-point, condemnation. 

Under the Emergency Ordinance in place through Town Council, the Town will acquire a contractor. Once a contractor is acquired, the Town will coordinate with the property owners and tenants about how construction will impact them. The Town will seek to minimize disruption to businesses, including providing reserved parking on our property as needed.

The Town is looking forward to getting this project underway and appreciates the cooperation of all of those involved who got us to this point.


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