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UPDATE: Investigators confirm they believe suspicious fires have some connection

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Michelle Proffitt, a spokesperson for the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said Friday that investigators have now confirmed they believe a number of recent fires thought to be suspicious do have some connection to one another. For the most part, these have all occurred in the same geographical region south of I-20 or west of Gilbert. For investigative reason they have not said exactly which fires are being considered a part of this string or if they have a suspect.

Proffitt said by email Friday that, “Investigators believe there is a correlation between the fires in this area.” She sent this as an update to questions The Lexington Ledger had asked earlier in the week. At the time of that original request, she said there was an active, ongoing investigation into, “a few fires in the Boiling Springs/Fairview area.” SEE THAT FULL STORY HERE.

Patterns can be established using several factors. These factors may include:

1. Fires that happen around the same time of the day or night

2. The amount of time that passes between when the fires are reported

3. The type of fires that happen. These may include but are not limited to:

a. Abandoned structures

b. Buildings without electrical service

c. Outbuildings seldom visited but that are still used for some purpose such as storage

d. Isolated grass, woods, or brush fires with no obvious source of ignition or two or more points of origin

4. Proximity to one another

5. Eyewitnesses statements

This is an ongoing investigation. The sheriff’s department has asked that anyone who has information provide tips in any of the following ways. Call CRIME STOPPERS at 1-888 CRIMES SC. Use the CRIME STOPPERS website at Once there, navigate to the Submit a Tip Tab to give your information. Download CRIME STOPPER’S P-3 app from either app store for free to submit your tips.


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