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Life Lexington County

Life Lexington County is a page about how wonderful it is to live in Lexington County. Although the people, families, and businesses that call Lexington County home face challenges just like everyone else, this is our home and we think it’s one of the most wonderful places to live on earth! There’s low crime, low unemployment, great recreational opportunities, and wonderful opportunities to dine, enjoy the arts, entertainment, the outdoors, or just each other. We believe that these are just a few of the reasons that so many people are rushing to move here and join us and our lifestyle!


This page will feature stories about the people and special things that make it so wonderful to live here. We warn you that some of them may be long. For that reason, they will run on Sunday mornings, a day when most of us can slow down, perhaps spend time with our families, attend church, or just stay in bed a bit longer and rest. Please grab yourself a cup of coffee or perhaps some sweet iced tea if you’re a deep southerner at heart, get comfortable, and enjoy Life Lexington County!

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