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125 Lexington One seniors earn Seal of Biliteracy

Lexington, SC (06/01/2021) - This year, 125 Lexington County School District One students have earned the South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy. This award recognizes students who attain a high level of proficiency in English and at least one other world language. The seal advances the state's commitment to preparing every learner for college and career readiness in an increasingly international community. To earn the seal, a student must earn a 3.0 grade point average in English Language Arts and pass the Standards Based Measures of Proficiency test in any world language. The test ranks students from bronze to gold depending on their proficiency level.

Congratulations to the 125 Lexington District One graduates who earned a Seal of Biliteracy.

Gold: Advanced Low or Higher Proficiency Level Kristen S. Caughman, Spanish, LHS Samantha Ibarra Fonseca, Spanish, GHS Emilie He, Mandarin, RBHS Kotaro J. Matsuda, Japanese, RBHS Elisa Penaloza, Spanish, LHS Dustin A. Segura-Torres, Spanish, RBHS Silver: Intermediate High Proficiency Level

Kayden L. Bryan, Spanish, LHS

Joshua A. Ackley, Spanish, RBHS Ginger K. Alvarado, Spanish, RBHS Jimena Ambriz, Spanish, RBHS Ailed A. Aragon-Santiago, Spanish, RBHS Alivia J. Black, Spanish, WKHS Natalia M. Bolaños, Spanish, GHS Luz A. Betanzos Camacho, Spanish, GHS Yildi G. Castro Herrera, Spanish, WKHS Luis P. Centeno-Mercado, Spanish, PHS Adam W. Clements, Spanish, LHS Francesca L. Coler, Spanish, WKHS Anne H. Crouch, Spanish, LHS Francisco J. Ebner, Spanish, RBHS Addie L. Evans, Spanish, LHS Coby L. Foy, Spanish, RBHS Jose M. Franco-Valdivia, Spanish, RBHS Camille L. Free, Spanish, LHS Luke M. Fu, Mandarin, RBHS Emiliano Guzman, Spanish, WKHS Maya C. Henson, Spanish, LHS Bermarys Hernandez-Garcia, Spanish, GHS Sarah B. Holehouse, Spanish, LHS Lucy E. Jeter, Spanish, LHS Arnold T. Jiang, Mandarin, RBHS Ria Kapoor, Spanish, RBHS Abraham S. Khalil, Spanish, RBHS Adeline G. Lamb, Spanish, LHS Jasmin Loera-Ruiz, Spanish, LHS Alyssa C. McCraw, Spanish, LHS William C. McFarland, Spanish, LHS Olivia J. McGee, Spanish, LHS Kylie A. McIlravy, Spanish, LHS Kenna M. Morrison, Spanish, RBHS Mary E. Mulligan, Spanish, LHS Merena L. Russeau, Spanish, LHS Lindsay G. Schipp, Spanish, LHS Angel D. Sepulveda Centeno, Spanish, RBHS Caroline E. Shirer, Spanish, LHS Gabriel H. Skarli, Spanish, LHS Claire A. Swinbank, French, RBHS Ariel M. Sylvain, Spanish, LHS Skye K. Wilson, Spanish, RBHS Kathleen O. Wyverson, Portuguese, LHS

Bronze: Intermediate Mid Proficiency Level Sarah Almustafa, Spanish, RBHS Ellis W. Barger, Latin, LHS Alexis M. Barnes, French, RBHS Sarah R. Barnett, Spanish, LHS Elliot M. Bausch, French, RBHS Vanessa P. Berg, Spanish, LHS Dabria M. Billings, German, RBHS Isabella R. Burks, Spanish, WKHS Haley K. Busbee, Spanish, RBHS Brenda A. Cardenas-Lopez, Spanish, PHS Cassidy M. Cognata, French, RBHS Heather G. Crocker, Spanish, WKHS Ian J. Cross, Latin, RBHS Nicolas F. Cruea, Spanish, LHS Lila P. Dailey, French, RBHS Brent S. Daniels, Latin, LHS Dayanna Dominguez, Spanish, RBHS Austen F. Ellis, Latin, LHS Grace K. Fairchild, Russian, LHS Grace K. Fairchild, Latin, LHS Chathurvedi Ganguru, Spanish, RBHS Christopher W. Gepfert, Spanish, LHS Emily L. Gibbons, German, RBHS Edgar Gonzales, Spanish, PHS Kennedy T. Gooding, Spanish, GHS Jeanne N. Grandjean, French, LHS Lindsey K. Hair, Spanish, LHS Ryan C. Havens, Spanish, WKHS Jonathan M. Henke, Spanish, RBHS Lillian G. Henry, French, RBHS Lauren C. Hutto, Latin, RBHS Jaden D. Hylton, French, RBHS Fatima Jandeska, Spanish, RBHS John L. Kistler, Latin, RBHS Saylor Dawn Koon, Spanish, LHS Emily E. Korman, Latin, LHS Maggie E. Kroll, French, RBHS Mia R. Lane, French, RBHS Gena E. Leaphart, Spanish, GHS Luisa Lemos, German, LHS Lauren A. Loadholt, Latin, LHS Elizabeth N. Long, Spanish, RBHS Estefany A. Loria Vasquez, Spanish, WKHS Taylor A. May, Latin, LHS Sean J. McIntyre, French, RBHS Blaise R. T. Mengue, French, WKHS Abigail K. Mervine, Spanish, GHS Mary R. Miller, Spanish, RBHS Payal P. Navale, Spanish, RBHS Robert O. Nieders, French, RBHS Emily C. Pace, Spanish, LHS Rishi N. Patel, French, RBHS Nolan M. Patterson, Spanish, WKHS Dalton A. Pearce, Spanish, LHS Andres Quintanilla Gutierrez, Spanish, RBHS Juliana Arias Rivera, French, LHS Mariah G. Robinson, German, LHS Ryan D. Rolf, Latin, LHS Olivia A. Saboski, Spanish, LHS Johnny R. Sanders III, Spanish, PHS Teran E. Scott, French, RBHS Anna L. Shealy, Latin, RBHS Michael H. Thomas, French, RBHS Emily G. Thompson, French, RBHS Tyrick B. Wellman, Spanish, LHS Kirsten D. Westberry, Spanish, LHS Abigail C. Westbrook, French, RBHS Jordan C. White, Latin, LHS Molly I. Wilson, Spanish, LHS Caroline A. Wingard, Spanish, LHS Carsan S. Wooten, French, RBHS Rebekah R. Young, French, RBHS


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