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Bergeson's campaign steeping to the lowest levels

Dear editor,

I am saddened at the racial undertones the election for county council has taken from Erin Long Bergeson and her supporters. To think that because someone’s parents are from India, and to assume that if they would get into office they would try to put up hotels everywhere, is just prejudiced and discriminatory. Our Governor Haley’s parents are from India and she has not done that at all. Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana has not done that. Why are the supporters for Erin going door to door and saying Dino Teppara is going to do that?

Spreading racism and discrimination is not a good thing for any campaign. I think that when the truth got out about a campaign promotion event at the Mungo estate, and it was sponsored by the Building Industry of Central SC, perhaps they panicked? The SC Builders Political Action Committee also gave her money. The issue that Chapin has is with Builders and the Builder industry coming in and buying large plots of land and putting as many houses as possible on the land to line their bank accounts. This only makes our traffic and infrastructure problem worse. Dino has not taken any money for builders and therefore owes them no favors.

Dino Teppara is the only choice for those of us who are concerned about our over-development issues. We have to be careful whom we choose on Tuesday, it could mean the life or the death of our area.

James White


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