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Senator Nikki Setzler Demands Accountability from SCDOT over I-26 Project

WEST COLUMBIA, SC - South Carolina Senator Nikki Setzler on Thursdayissued the following statement demanding answers from South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) officials over the serious shortcomings in the I-26 widening and rehabilitation project in Lexington and Calhoun counties: “Every day my constituents grow more and more frustrated with the lack of progress on this important project. The deplorable conditions of this vital stretch of roadway, especially in the Sandy Run area, are ruining vehicles and risking lives. “Over the past months, I have written SCDOT officials asking for answers. I have repeatedly conveyed the complete confusion and total frustration of residents in this area and the motoring public. They have yet to provide a satisfactory response. “Specifically, I want to know why this project is not progressing according to schedule, why SCDOT has fallen behind schedule, and what is the reason for the terrible condition of the pavement. “I also want to know who is at fault for this mess and what actions are being taken to correct the situation. We need to be given an honest status report that includes hard deadlines and an updated timeline and budget. “Further, I am again demanding that SCDOT address these concerns in person, at a public forum in the Sandy Run community. We need answers and SCDOT needs to provide them. “The bottom line: Enough is enough. It’s time for SCDOT to be held accountable.” Follow this link to view high-resolution photos taken July 27, 2016, of the I-26 widening and rehabilitation project near Sandy Run.

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